The Premature Breakup

The Premature Breakup. Breaking up, before love actually takes off, and the lessons that come up from it. Breakups suck. The ending of something that you know (or they know) needs to end. However, there’s something that’s sometimes worse than a legitimate breakup in an odd way. And that’s knowing that things broke off before […]

31 Powerful Photos From The 2017 Birth Photo Competition That Show The Power of Love & Human Connection

Your Seductive Integrity ability can be used just to get your next dates while maintaining integrity, or you can realize how it links into the bigger moments of life. All the pictures below became possible after people found attraction towards one another… Love is beautiful, not scary (the loss or lack of love is scary). Seductive Integrity […]

Men’s Spirituality is lifted in a different way than Women’s Spirituality.

Men’s Spirituality is lifted in a different way than Women’s Spirituality. “Sorry, but having your man focus on his root chakra isn’t going to do much for his spirituality or masculinity.” I had a conversation with a woman this week that was complaining about her man not being spiritually driven as much as she was. […]

Are you embracing what PASSIONATE love requires of you?

Get ready for “real talk”:‪ The notion of wanting to experience bold love, yet demanding to avoid heartbreak is ridiculous. Never expect to win big when you play small.‬ There’s not one person that I have met that hasn’t said they want love that is more passionate than what they commonly see in the average romantic relationship examples around […]