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love shouldn’t be left to hope.

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Seductive Integrity


Coaching Programs

At the core, our goal is to redefine the way people approach love and relationships. We move your dating life away from chance and towards choice and intention.

It’s not just about finding love, but about understanding it, nurturing it, and evolving with it. By embracing a proactive approach to dating, you can better equip yourself to connect with your potential partners and cultivate lasting relationships.

We firmly stand against the quick-fix gimmicks prevalent in the dating world, emphasizing authentic connection and personal growth instead. We pride ourselves on offering a fresh perspective on dating and relationships, one that champions intentionality and depth over fleeting encounters.

Our coaches and providers have regular training to add new trainings and coaching options that are at the cutting edge of progressive romantic connections and your love life in general.

In some of our programs we offer the unique experience of working with facilitators directly and in close 1-on-1 connection to build the skillsets, earn the feedback, and practice needed skills. In our top tier programs you don’t just learn what makes a difference. You also put it into practice.

Confidence & Dating

It doesn’t matter how attractive you are. We’re in an entirely new phase of human dating, courting, & relationships. The rules have changed since the actualization of birth control, women’s financial autonomy & improved social stability. What worked for your parents won’t work for you; a new game plan is required. We’ll show you the most efficient & ethical route.

Relationship Design

Each relationship and connection is unique. Especially in modern times, customizing your relationship is critical. You can have amazing connection but lack the skills to flourish in the relationship long term. In this day and age, you must customize your relationship to your needs/wants, and your partners in return. We help you do this in a way that can be stimulating rather than defensive & restrictive.

Ketamine Assisted Coaching (singles and or couples)

Legal Ketamine Assisted Psychedelic Journeys are an amazing way to break through ruts, and to create a more neuroplastic state to establish new skillsets, and mindsets. This can be great for people who experience anxiety around their next growth steps in love & connection since Ketamine commonly decreases anxiety for a period of time. 

Sexual Artisty

Sex is in many ways our greatest expression of art and connection. Sex is filled with vulnerability, power, release, surrender, joy, healing of grief/trauma, explorations of shame, explorations of kink and deep curiosity. We view sexuality as a wildly spiritual expression of your deepest being, self, and emotional experience. This is about learning to paint your grandest authentic expression in your sex life.  

Program Options:

Select Singular Sessions for quick guidance & clarity. Choose programs for extensive plans that further ensure reaching ideal goals with less stress in the process. Not sure what’s best for you? Book a free clarity call to explore your goals and best fit solutions. Click here to schedule.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not find your questions answered below, sign up for a private 1-1 diagnosis and game plan call. Will we have the time and privacy to answer unique questions and go over a game plan that’s most applicable for you and your goals. 

What exactly is Seductive Integrity?

Seductive Integrity is a concept that combines the art of seduction with a strong foundation of personal integrity. It involves the skill of attracting and connecting with others in a romantic or persuasive context, while maintaining a core of honesty, respect, and authenticity. This approach rejects manipulative tactics or dishonesty in favor of a more genuine and ethical way of forming connections.

Key aspects of Seductive Integrity include:

Authenticity: Being true to oneself, expressing genuine interests, feelings, and intentions without resorting to false pretenses or manipulation.

Respect: Valuing the autonomy, feelings, and boundaries of others. This means engaging in consensual interactions and honoring the dignity of the person one is interacting with.

Emotional Intelligence: Understanding and managing one’s own emotions, as well as empathetically responding to the emotions of others. This involves reading social cues and adjusting one’s approach accordingly.

Confidence: Confidence here is not about arrogance or dominance, but a calm assurance in one’s value and abilities, which can be attractive and reassuring to others.

Self-Improvement: Continuous personal growth, striving to be the best version of oneself, which naturally enhances one’s attractiveness and appeal.

Mutual Benefit: Seeking interactions and relationships that are mutually satisfying and beneficial, rather than one-sided.

In essence, Seductive Integrity is about merging the ability to attract and charm with a principled, respectful approach to relationships and interactions. It’s an acknowledgement that one can be alluring and persuasive without sacrificing ethical standards and personal values. It strives to both make you a better partner and have a healthier and happier partnership. 

How fast does this program work?

You and most everyone in our society have been raised with a very inaccurate and misguiding belief: That love is based off of fate, or that it is a birthright for any good person…

So many of us have been led to believe that love is like a fairytale in the sense that “sooner or later someone is going to come along, become your ideal love, and then you’ll live happily every after”.

We have found that dating, love, sex, confidence, communication, relationships, etc are all skills and areas of education FAR more than they are luck-based characteristics or fate based milestones. If any one of those categories isn’t how you want it to be, you can learn a lot more about it, and you can expand and improve them often times 5x+. They do not change overnight (just like your levels of fitness or your business will not transform over night). We teach you how to work on the categories within Seductive Integrity on a regular basis with valid and modern guidance. If you want to see big changes… You need to start looking at your love life as an area of continual self improvement (rather than a place to cross your fingers, rely on fate, or wish for a quick fix). 

Any person who is accomplished in big categories of life (examples: health & fitness, finances & business) understand that leaving them to fate isn’t a good game plan. Learning as much as you can, working on them daily as a lifestyle, constantly expanding your awareness, and regularly refining is what makes for growth and greatness.

What is your success rate?

It varies based on the scenario, but on average 80% of our clients actually exceed their goals. We succeed at a high rate because we set very realistic expectations on our strategy calls. In addition to that, we are selective with the people we choose to work with. If we can’t help you with your goal in the time frame you are hoping for, we will tell you before you get into a program with us. We want it to be a win, both for you and for us.

8% reach their goals but don’t exceed them. Note that we even provide buffer periods in programs, in case unexpected issues come up. Let’s say for example you’re on track for your goal, but during the program you have a family member pass away. We will give extensions to your program in such cases to make sure you still have a healthy space and time to reach your goal.

12% fall short of their goal (almost always due to a lack of action). People in this category often still report enjoying the program, they just know that they aren’t using it as much or as quickly as they should. Ultimately a lot of this is similar to getting in great shape, or making core lifestyle and character changes…  so much of your success will require you to implement and integrate what we teach, which is why we will press you to maintain a follow through on 85% of the advice given.

Note: We have members/graduates fill out feedback forms so we can understand how to improve. In 2023, 86% indicated that “This program and the things I learned from it are priceless.” 12% say “It was worth what I paid.” Only 2% report they “Think it was worth less than what I paid.”

We also have 42% of clients return as repeat customers for relationship or sexuality programs (oftentimes with their significant other participating).

What do you help individual people with?

You aim for comprehensive success, and that’s what we deliver. Unlike programs focused on single aspects like securing a date or managing a relationship, we understand these elements are interlinked. Our coaching spans a wide range of areas:

  • Building Confidence
  • Widening Social Networks
  • Tackling Fear of Failure, Insecurities, Rejection
  • Mastering Approaches for Quality Dates
  • Enhancing Date Attraction and Connection
  • Advancing Sexually
  • Deepening Sexual Connection and Artistry
  • Initiating and Leading Relationships
  • Tailoring Your Ideal Relationship
  • Avoiding Negative Relationships and Recognizing When to Move On
  • Cultivating Social Leadership
  • Addressing Relationship Challenges
  • Enriching Your Purpose, Passion, and Life Potential

We’re here to guide you through every phase, ensuring a holistic approach to your personal and relational growth.

Do you work with couples?

We do work with couples and the good news is that helping couples is oftentimes easier than helping someone who is entirely single (as long as the couple comes to us at a proactive time rather than after a breakup).

Apply for a call and we can see how we can help.


What do you help couples with?

A quick list of the things we help couples with can be found at the bottom of this answer… However, before that, let us point out that intention and effort is essential for change to take place. The first thing we need to confirm is whether each person in the relationship is willing to put in the effort and trusts that our process will be a valuable investment for their relationship.

Here’s how we help couples:

  • Customizing the relationship to each of you: We have all been raised with notions of what a relationship is, what it should be, the timelines that should take place, what is “right” and “wrong”, the rules of what you can and cannot do, etc. Most all of it can be tossed out the window. You, as well your partner(s) should have a customized relationship. The slate should be wiped clean of all the cookie cutter notions. After all the things that you no longer hold onto are cleared, you can have the space to start exploring what each of you most desire, and how best that can be achieved together. No more one-size fits all relationships…
  • Developing your relationship with yourself again: As a relationship progresses beyond the initial three months, the importance of nurturing a healthy relationship with yourself becomes increasingly evident. It’s crucial to maintain aspects of your life that are uniquely yours and for your own growth. Remember, you and your partner(s) were initially drawn to each other as individuals. Reconnecting with and maintaining that individuality is essential for sustaining a passionate relationship.Regenerating Attraction and Connection
  • Navigating Healthy Conflict: Fights are present in all relationships. The quality of how you fight/communicate makes a huge difference to the quality of your relationship and connection.
  • Learning when to move on or when to compromise: Relationships require a level of compromise, navigating that with the person you are in a relationship with can be difficult. Non-bias outside perspective and guidance can be very helpful.
  • Sexual connection, exploration and expansion: A fulfilling sexual connection goes beyond physical intimacy; it’s about exploring and expanding your sexual desires and boundaries in a safe and consensual manner. This exploration is key to deepening the bond between you and your partner, allowing both of you to express and fulfill your sexual needs while respecting each other’s limits. It’s about discovering new aspects of your sexuality together, which can lead to a more satisfying and dynamic relationship.

  • Expanding your coupled purpose and passion in life: As individuals in a partnership, it’s important to align and grow not just in love but also in shared goals and passions. This involves identifying and cultivating common interests, dreams, and aspirations that you both are passionate about. By doing this, you create a more profound and meaningful connection, as you’re not only lovers but also partners in life’s journey. This shared purpose can bring a new level of fulfillment and direction to your relationship, making it more vibrant and rewarding.

You say you can't help everyone... Why is that, and can you help me?

We value honesty, which is why we don’t work with everyone or claim to fix all scenarios. Beware of companies promising universal solutions—it’s often a marketing ploy.

Our assistance may not be suitable for those with highly unrealistic goals, such as seeking instant, dramatic changes, or pursuing unhealthy objectives like trying to reconnect with an uninterested ex.

We’re unable to help if you show:

  • Low integrity or honesty
  • High negativity
  • Poor commitment

Additionally, we might struggle to assist those:

  • Experiencing severe life instability
  • With disabilities greatly affecting social perception

Our initial strategy calls let us understand your goals, situation, and expectations, ensuring our honesty and politeness in assessing our capability to help.

In summary, we can likely assist if you lead a stable life with good self-leadership and integrity. Book a call, and we’ll provide clear guidance regardless.

But... "I'm Religious..." or "I'm Non-Monogamous..."

Approximately a quarter of our clients prefer to remain reserved regarding sex, with many choosing to wait until marriage.

Conversely, we also assist individuals interested in exploring various forms of ethical non-monogamy.

Our commitment is to support your beliefs, provided they respect the boundaries and consent of others. We believe it’s crucial not to mislead or attempt to convert people who do not share your perspectives.

There are many people who share these diverse views, from waiting until marriage for sex to engaging in ethical non-monogamy.

Our goal is to help you stay true to your beliefs while finding a compatible partner or partners who align with your values and lifestyle.

Will a Coach or Mock Date Facilitator fly out to work with me in person in my hometown?

 Typically, we focus on digital coaching, a method we’ve successfully employed for over a decade. This approach meets most client goals effectively and is more cost-efficient than in-person sessions. However, we do offer in-person coaching as an option for faster progression and unique experiences not available online, including:

  • Professional photo shoots for dating profiles
  • In-person mock dates
  • Interactive exercises with male or female facilitators, ideal for practice and reducing anxiety in a safe environment
  • Ketamine-assisted coaching sessions

Each modality has its benefits, and we can discuss which best suits your needs and preferences.

Can you help me get my ex back (or attract a certain person)?

Situations where you already have a bad track record or low level of desire from the person you are pursuing are complicated. It’s hard to repair a situation that has already been lost. However, we will review the situation and give you our honest assumption of probability during your strategy call.

We have successfully helped people in these scenarios but we will only work in this situation if you are willing to move on and work on general dating if it seems like a lost cause.

Think of it like this: Helping you catch a new fish is typically a lot easier than catching a specific fish that already broke away and is scared-off or uninterested.

I'm really busy and I don't know if I will have enough time for a full program like this... Thoughts?

We most commonly work with extremely busy individuals, including business owners, professional athletes and coaches, military special operators, frequent travelers, and single parents with multiple children. A busy schedule is something we’re well-equipped to handle.

However, it’s important to note:

If you don’t have time to dedicate to achieving your goals in confidence, dating, and love, then maintaining these achievements will be even more challenging. The time required to sustain a relationship typically exceeds the daily commitment needed for our program.

Remember, balance is key – being overly busy shouldn’t come at the cost of missing out on genuine confidence, love, and passion.

Is this a dating app? Are you guys matchmakers?

We help you learn to attract dates on your own. Sometimes this will be with using dating apps (that we do not own). For some people online dating works, for some it isn’t the best option.

In regards to Matchmaking: It doesn’t work. That idea is built off of a faulty expectation that a successful love relationship only requires you to meet your ideal match and the hope that someone else can facilitate the perfect pairing.

Getting dates with high quality matches is just one piece of the pie… It’s very common that once we have clients getting dates with people who are “out of their league”, the person has to then focus on improving their own self and providing a far better dating experience.

I might wait for a few years before I work on this... Thoughts?

By far the most common regret we hear members say, is “I wish I knew all of this stuff years ago… I’ve missed out on so many beautiful opportunities and have had rejections and breakups that could have been avoided…”

Regardless of whether you choose to work with us, your love life and self-confidence are continuously evolving. The state of your love life is closely linked to your internal beliefs and social habits, which solidify over time. Unfortunately, the blind spots, limiting beliefs, and negative habits that are hindering your love life now will likely become stronger and harder to overcome if you delay addressing them.

The earlier you start, the easier and more effective the change and improvement process tends to be.

What's the difference between this, and therapy?

To answer this, we asked one of our coaches who is also a therapist for her response:

“Therapy is a bit more focused on understanding the “why” behind things. Seductive Integrity coaching is focused more on “how” to change things.”

Meet your Coaches:

Ander Adams

Ander Adams

Top Seductive Integrity Coach, Founder, and Ketamine Assisted Coaching Integration Coach.

Seductive Integrity started with Ander’s own underdog story. He went from being socially awkward and insecure, to being confident with a very passionate love life. That change was recognized by many people who began asking him for guidance. He started coaching professionally in 2011 and has worked with over 1000 people 1-on-1. 

Sterling Magnell

Sterling Magnell

Self-Awareness Coach & High Performance Specialist

Sterling has led his life at the top of the professional cycling world. First as a Pro athlete, then as a Lead Coach for the Rwandan Rising From Ashes Cycling Team, and now as a Scout for the US Olympic Cycling Team. His ability to navigate the inner workings of someone’s mind, awareness, and performance has been priceless in helping people gain clarity and growth.

Sergio Lopez

Sergio Lopez

Confidence & Character Coach

Sergio is a former client who later became a coach. Knowing him will make you forever question saying “I can’t”. He is a former Navy SEAL and combat veteran. He died 3 times in training (yes you read that right). His story of perseverance is unlike any you’ve heard. He’s passionate about helping you develop perseverance and honor in character and life. 

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