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Vimbasi | 'vim,bôs,sē |

"Vim" meaning energy & enthusiasm. "Base" referring to one self as a base.

Men that align with the name Vimbasi are men that prioritize greatness in every form - "seductive integrity", wealth, vitality, leadership, contribution and living to lead a legacy of their own. They are men that don't just want to reach average, they demand excellence out of their own life and character. We (the company) are most well known for guiding men of various backgrounds towards their individual "seductive integrity". While others focus on quick gimmicks and tricks to reach one night of "success", Vimbasi Men focus on sustainable, custom, effective and healthy ways of expanding their ability to love and impassion women. We put the passion, heart and art back into intimacy. A Vimbasi Warrior's seductive integrity isn't just what he will use to get a date, it's what he'll use to seduce his future (or for some men, their current) wife, and honorably pass on to his son. We work with men from all over the world, of all different ages, backgrounds, beliefs, life conditions and goals. Each man, not only applies to get access to Vimbasi Teachings and Excursions, each man earns his way through the Vimbasi Ranks in order to become a Vimbasi Warrior. Though each man, his path, and his conditions are unique, something aligns all of them... A desire to live with more: Integrity, adventure, love, greatness, raw truth, admiration for women, and ambition to live as if his current or future child were watching over his every step for guidance.

"We don't help men with women problems, we aid men in manhood challenges that only elite men are willing to face."

Company Info

Primary Mentor Team

Ander Adams

Lead Mentor & Founder

Founder of the Vimbasi Warriors. Ander Adams otherwise known as "Real life Hitch", or "the man that has your back more than you do". The man that guarantees results for those that take their greatness seriously.

Zoe Rose

Female Psyche Coach

Some things are taught better by a lady. She helps you understand the things that just don't seem to make sense about the opposite sex. She also is one of the lead coaches in our Relationship Design Course.

Dustin Berlin

Purpose Mentor & Living In Your Own Reality Mentor

Dustin Berlin founder and leader of the "youfirstproject" helps people connect outside of their comfort zone not only to other people, but also to their individuality and purpose in life.

Aaron Yang

Seductive Integrity Assistant Coach

Aaron is the newest member to the team. Aaron assists in leading the Voyager Series of "Core Seduction Recall". Aaron is a continual living example that an introvert can be successful in all social and romantic scenarios.


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