Unexpressed Desires Turn Foul

Unexpressed Desires Dating

Your unexpressed desires will turn foul! Do you express them before they turn into resentments?

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“I’M JUST BEING REAL!!!” Have you ever had someone blow up at you about how they were just being honest?

Generally they weren’t being “real” if they are foaming at the mouth while expressing their “truth”. Instead, they were expressing what has been suppressed and was likely raw “truth” long ago. What am I getting at?

Unexpressed truths and especially unexpressed desires turn foul my brother. In more ways than one!

Sure your dreams and desires can simply die. They can perish away never to been seen or experienced. In itself, this is heartbreaking as it is. As Les Brown once said:

Imagine the ghosts of your dreams standing beside your death bed saying: “We came to you and only you could have given us life. Now we must die with you forever.”

Yet THAT is the CALMEST way that your dreams can die. There are far worse forms my friend:

Most people that leave their truth and their desires unexpressed will have them ferment and fester into putrid anger, doubt, resentment and addictions.

Your unexpressed desires frequently turn into negative ideas that you hold in your mind about what you are personally capable of. In this way, your unexplored dreams somehow transform into your new barriers and blocks.

Your unexplored desires and untapped dreams will cause you to loose trust with your own self. Eventually you begin to know that what you want to create often times will not come true if left within your own hands. Deep down you start to know that you pull your punches more than you swing boldly for the fences.

Yet one of the most unfortunate ways desire turns bad is when suppression turns into unhealthy obsession.

Your unexpressed desires will be the things in your mind that you try hard to suppress, during which time they fester into addictions, and twisted forms of your original truth. I’ve seen so many men have natural desires for intimate connection turn into twisted and anger filled obsessions (which can be healed, yet cannot be healed through 100% suppression and resistance).

In my work of helping men and women transform their romantic life for the better. I have found time and time again that the people who struggle the most are the people who struggled to ALLOW themselves to speak and yearn curiously for their ORIGINAL desires. Suppression turned into obsession.

What they once wanted to explore with good intentions slowly turned into something that they maliciously yearned for, and began to silently hate all that was attached to it.

Does this call out to you brother? What truths, desires and dreams have you wanted, yet you have been suppressing them? Were your original intentions good? Is it possible that it wasn’t healthy to suppress your desires based off of the perspectives of other people? People with completely different beliefs, goals and lifestyles than you.

Do you have desires that have started to hold you back in life simply because you held back your pure and non-malicious curiosity?

Pursue your desires before they chase you in anger.

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