Things Men Don’t Know About Women But Must Know


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It’s surprising how most dating companies that advise men DO NOT have women backing them. It has seemed pretty simple to us here in Vimbasi. There’s a problem if you can’t show women what you are trying to implement into your dating life. There’s a problem if a dating company isn’t supported by the women who the men want to attract. Pretty simple right?

This post is from one of our supporting female fans who turned into a Vimbasi Female Facilitator (a woman who works directly with some of the men in our elite program). She felt inspired to speak raw and real on the subject of approaching women. For the men who are in the elite program look in the private FB group for her full 5 part video series from her where she goes more in depth on each of the following sections plus a joint video with Ander Adams and Dawn talking about Female Psyche and Male and Female Relations.


Things Men Don’t Know About Women


1.   Women are like Tinkerbell – If We Don’t Get Attention, We Will Like, Die.


So please – approach us. Talk to us. Compliment us. If a woman really doesn’t want to be approached, she WILL send off those body language signals. But otherwise – we spend hours getting ready, doing our make-up and choosing outfits/shoes/bags/hairstyles. I know personally, I put in about an hour MINIMUM every morning. And even though I am also in a relationship I still expect to get complimented when I go out. As much as I’d love to say I dress up to attract my boyfriend, and that his opinion is the only one that matters – that is a lie. I dress up for me, and for that moment when I walk into a room and heads turn. I expect attention. I crave it. Every woman does. Remember the great words of Rihanna – we “want you to make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world.” Even the girls who say they’re not like that. Wanna know why they say that? So they can get attention and validation for not wanting attention and validation.


I can only imagine how hard and intimidating it must be to try to approach women. Are you going to get rejected, and sometimes brutally? Hell yeah. Probably like 8-9 times out of 10. But is it worth it? Helllllll yeah buddy! And if I’m to be entirely honest – even the guys that I reject and turn away I still tell all my girls about the compliments they fed me. So she may have turned you away boo boo, but she’ll be telling stories about you for at least the next two brunches.


2.   Women Have Different Friendship Bonds Then Men So… Step It Up.


Honestly,I was shocked to find out how men don’t have the same types of friendship bonds as women. Like why? Do you guys not love yourselves? Such a mystery to me. Women create these scary strong bonds. Every detail is shared, there are no real secrets. It’s close to what men would deem a “brotherhood.” My best friends know every single detail of my entire existence, and I know theirs. I know how their exes sexted them, their main moves in bed, and dick size. Yes, I’ve seen dick pics and ab pics. I helped them craft sexy messages. I helped chose the lingerie for Valentine’s day. Those “oh my god this is an ingrown hair, right? What if it’s a wart? Should I see my doctor about this?” text messages…? I have sent and received them. I know what my friend’s boobs look like and yeah, there’s some awkward pee stories. Shame, boundaries, undisclosed details…. Doesn’t happen with women.

Which means if all you have to offer a relationship is good dick…. Expect to be replaced boo. Sorry to break this to you, but dick is in large supply and not at all difficult to obtain. Women expect emotional attachment. That doesn’t mean you should send us poop pictures right off the bat (please, don’t), but that means actually opening up and being vulnerable. One of the things I noticed all my friends wanted in a partner was more than just passionate sex but also a best friend and confidant. Someone who forms similar emotional bonds with them rather than just good sex.


3.   That Being Said, We Will Sacrifice Everything We Own for Great Dick.


Women don’t like sex. Women love sex. Women think about sex more than men and crave it more too. Protip: If her bra and panties match, you were not the one who decided to have sex.

Women are amazingly skilled at not damaging the male ego, and we typically just set things up in a way where you THINK you won sex. You didn’t. It was just that we held off and waited for you to get there. Sorry, boo but your life is sort of a lie, lol. (If I had things my way I would have sex three times a day and only leave to get water, wine, or chocolate and never even have to put on clothes or brush my hair.)

The other reason why you need to offer more than just good dick is that she WILL want sex more than you and you WILL tire before she does. I promise you that. I had a time when it was a 3-hour mind-blowing extravaganza where I personally had five orgasms, and I still wanted more. (Shout out to whoever enabled women to have multiple orgasms, PS. That is the best idea anyone’s ever had). And I’m just average. My friends and I have no shame. If you make a woman feel comfortable enough to initiate – buddy. Be prepared. Strongly recommend having a box of condoms and travel lube in your car. You will need it. My girls and I have legit developed a specific look that says, “sorry if you don’t end up going home with a guy tonight because you’re staying at my place but I’m bringing him home so please enjoy the couch and the audio of everything that’s gonna happen tonight.” Remember when I said women have weirdly intimate bonds? I know exactly what my friend sounds like when she orgasms AND when she’s faking it. Speaking of…


4.   Women Do Fake It. A Lot. You Probably Will Not be Able to Tell.


And that is by design. Porn has been so awesome because we know exactly what kind of o-face will fool men into thinking we just flooded our basements and had the most incredible orgasm when we can see that you’re trying so hard, but you’re just nowhere close to getting us off. It’s been the same position for like 10 minutes now, and we’ve mentally drawn you a map to our clit but you missed the mark, and now we’re tired and want to go to bed. Another reason why I have faked it in the past is to help boost my man’s confidence. If he’s had a hard day at the office, I know exactly how to make him feel like he has conquered the world – throw him up against the wall and fake it. I do this because he will feel better and later that evening I know I’m going to get spoiled via round 2 as a thank you. Women fake it for two reasons. Either you’re way off and things have gotten boring so we just want it over with or we can see that you’re close but that it’s beginning to attack you mentally and for your own self-preservation and the sake of the male ego, we’re just going to take one for the team. I’m admitting this to you for a few reasons:

1) please, go to google chrome, use the incognito window, and Google where the clit is, how to find it, and how to stimulate it. If you want some assistance, watch some ACTUAL lesbian porn tailored for actual lesbians. They’re the ones with short nails. You’re welcome.

2) So you realize sometimes we show affection by faking it so don’t be so hard on yourself.

3) If you establish solid, open communication in your relationship she will feel comfortable enough to typically not fake it and you can have healthy chats about how to help her get hers too.

4) Just again, to clarify in a sort of subtle way that porn is meant as a form of sexual escapism and fantasy so if your girl seems a little too much like that video you just watched on Pornhub… got some news for ya…


Hopefully, this has armed you with some helpful information! Good luck! Xoxo



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