Men’s Spirituality is lifted in a different way than Women’s Spirituality.

Mens Spirtuality

Men’s Spirituality is lifted in a different way than Women’s Spirituality.

“Sorry, but having your man focus on his root chakra isn’t going to do much for his spirituality or masculinity.”

I had a conversation with a woman this week that was complaining about her man not being spiritually driven as much as she was. She wanted the man to seem “awakened and full of life again”. She was trying to inspire him to be more in touch spiritual by getting him to do kundalini yoga, chakra work, etc. I’m guessing working with crystals was next on her list…


I’ve worked with men and women long enough to see some patterns… One of which, this woman needed to hear badly:

Bullshit aside. Just real talk… Men and women are different. Go look at any other species and that statement will go unquestioned and undoubted. Is a hen different than a rooster? Is a Lion different than a lioness? Even when questioning getting a dog I had plenty of people tell me “Be sure to get a female dog. Way easier to deal with for these reasons…”

Males and females are dramatically different. And one of the ways that we are different is how we have our spirits and passion lifted.

“Listen, do you think most men love sports and business because they’re weird and they force themselves to like it? They love it due to the domination and war-like aspects that are involved. The reality is that the way a man expands his deepest sense of spirituality isn’t through sitting on a zafu pillow holding crystals and focusing on his inner child. That can help him out in some ways, but if you want to see that man come alive again, throw him in a ring with some boxing gloves along with other men that he has nothing but respect for and you’re going to see his spirit come alive and that’s just one example. Men’s spirituality is different than women’s spirituality.”

Why do you think “fight club” was such a popular movie with men…

Hundreds of years ago it was very common for men to go on a man’s journey or a man’s right of passage. Often times he would face death, adversity and constant challenges on such a journey. To be challenged and to overcome is directly attached to men’s spirituality and has been for a long time.

The problem is that the common men of today are afraid to be men. Our most recent generations have been taught to be less competitive, less aggressive, more submissive, less bold and more “publicly correct”. Men need to live as men to be “a full man” as this woman was requesting. They need to allow themselves to compete, to seduce, to build, to face death, to overcome and achieve something of greatness.

I wouldn’t ask a woman to step in a kickboxing ring with me to find out how spiritually enlightening it is to be standing across from another person that is set out to destroy you. The beautiful clarity that takes place when all bullshit goes out the window and you are faced with your true self. The self that flees, or the self that stands up to the challenge.

Men and women are different in many ways. How our spirituality awakens is definitely one of the differences.

I see men come alive when they stop trying to be so politically correct and they lead with bold clarity of their personal views and opinions.

I see men come alive when they finally embrace the fact that they love and desire women and it’s more than okay for them to embrace that desire.

I see men come alive when they finally ravish their woman sexually rather than tip toeing around cautiously trying to learn the proper way to make love to her (not to mention the thank you emails that have been sent in by the girlfriends or wives afterwards).

I see men come alive when they get associated to a band of brothers that allow and encourage them to be men. I see men value another man (that they have respect for) tearing them up with how they aren’t handling things in the way they know they could.

I see men’s spirituality come alive when they face death and put themselves at risk. Sometimes just for kicks and self awareness (skydiving, MMA, literal war) and sometimes in hopes for the achievement of something greater (taking risk in business, pushing their physical and metal expectations of themselves FAR beyond what they previously thought was possible, etc.).

If you want a man to feel like a man, you firstly have to let him be one.

So my brothers reading this message. Ask yourself what how you’re being asked (by women, society, or your old beliefs) to get more in touch with yourself that maybe goes against what is most inspiring and authentic to you. Ask yourself how your passion can be inspired if you were to embrace the more masculine aspects of yourself. Take time after finishing this post to embrace an aspect of you that you have shut off for some time. Your passion may seem some results if your do this in a bold yet honorable manor:


Ladies, encourage your man to go out with the boys and face challenges that are meaningful to him, rather than meaningful to you. Also ask yourself how you might need to do the same thing in the opposite manor. What aspects of your femininity are natural to you, yet you, or society around you has suppressed?

Men, grab your balls and proudly allow yourself to embrace the aspect of you that wants to let the chains off the animal inside from time to time. As long as you do it while maintaining integrity and honor, it will awaken your soul and inspire your drive. Becoming a better man is difficult if you don’t allow yourself to be a man in the first place.

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Talk soon brother…

From the man that has your back more than you do:

Ander Adams, Lead Seductive Integrity Mentor of the Vimbasi Warriors


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