Integrity Matters. To your love, sex and dating life…

Integrity Matters

Integrity matters…

Especially in love. No that isn’t some line meant to make me look like a hero. I’m not saying that to make people clap and cheer.

Integrity is directly tied to your success within love. Even if your goal was to have sex with thousands of women. Integrity will make or break you.

So in this post, I plan to cover some misconceptions about what “integrity” really is, and also point out how harnessing integrity will make you more successful in your love life (almost regardless of what your goal is). So to start off, what is Integrity?

When I ask most people that question they typically tell me what they heard from a religious figure, their parents or a teacher…

That’s where they already went wrong.

Maybe they’ll say that integrity is about always keeping your word, or never telling a lie. That’s not accurate either.

Integrity is about being honest and whole and this firstly is in reference to yourself.

You’ll never be able to please everyone, and what is honest and real for me isn’t always real and honest for you.

Does that mean we can say or do whatever we want and we are within integrity? No.

From my experience, your truth takes time to uncover. And learning how to live with your truth in a way that is peaceful to others takes even longer.

From what I’ve seen…

People lie and do malicious things only when they have a belief, or when they develop a pattern, that says that’s the only way to get what they want.

Our strengths as humans is our social connectivity. Without other people, it is very accurate to say, that we really don’t equate to much.

Most of who you are has been taught through osmosis. Without other people, your skills, your personality, your opportunities and much more would not look anything like it does.

Whether you know that consciously or not. That truth is ingrained in your DNA and within your reptilian brain.

For that reason… We are unlikely to follow through on things that we feel are going to be unaccepted by others.

Fortunately, as social media goes on, and as populations expand it becomes easier and easier for us to find people that can agree with the lifestyle you want to live.

But getting back to it… I can go on for days about integrity, but to move on to why integrity is imperative for actual success in love…

Here are just a few points that show how integrity is critical:

  1. You are very unlikely to follow through on a way of dating and relating that is likely to make people dislike you. It is a rare individual that can follow through with something that they likely are going to want to hide from their close friends, and family. You will implement and use a process that you are proud of WAY MORE than a process that works but doesn’t feel true to you.
  2. Even if you find something that gets you decent progress or success with your goals, it won’t continue lasting in a positive way… For example you may be able to trick  a woman into bed with you (and you must be ab OUTSTANDING actor if you can do that). But you can’t keep a facade up for long. Within a couple months your mask will start to crack. If your partner doesn’t leave you do to that, just give it a few years one of you will no longer be able to maintain what feels inauthentic TO YOU.
  3. The passionate people that you want to date crave someone that is real and raw. People are looking for something that is shocking due to how true and refreshing it is. The elite people you want to date prioritize bold authenticity way more than they desire flashy and flimsy (sure, pun intended).

So ask yourself if you have the kind of integrity that we are talking about here…

The integrity to boldly represent your truth? If you’re answer is yes to this then GREAT… You can move on to the next question:

Do you know how to represent that integrity in a way that gets you what you want, when you want it all without hurting those that you interact with? That my friend is where we are starting to jump into the subject of “Seductive Integrity”…

So if you want us to help you achieve the wild, crazy, intimate, loving, consistent, honest and passionate love life that you desire, click the link below to sign up for a free 45 minute strategy session with myself or one of the Vimbasi Mentors.

In the call we will personally go over your current situation, your character, you goals – dreams and what you need to do to achieve it all in a way that feels fit to you.

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If you want to take advantage of it, now is the time.

Until then…

Live full, live real.

Ander Adams, Lead Seductive Integrity and Relationship Design Mentor of the Vimbasi Warriors


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