Hidden Secrets of Women’s Sexuality

A Vimbasi Blog Series: Insights into the minds of women before, during, and after sex. Everything you thought you knew about women’s sexuality is about to change. You’re welcome.

Hidden Secrets Of Women's Sexuality

Women are sexual, very sexual, often times more sexual than men. We just don’t always express it.

Women are sexual beings. At our core, we all want sex and intimacy, especially women. Women deeply crave sexual intimacy; we just don’t always let it show. Partly, this is due to outside, societal influences, and partly it is due to our own mental blocks. Let me explain.

Firstly, women’s sexuality has been diluted by the societal view that being a sexual woman means that you are less than desirable. A sexual woman is typically deemed a slut, a flirt, and in some extreme cases a whore. You cannot blame us for wanting to hide this part of ourselves from the world, from you, and even from ourselves.

It has been highly ingrained into the minds of most women that being sexual, expressing our true desires, and opening up to sex, is wrong and should be controlled, muted, and hidden from the world.

So what can be done to help women release their sexual prowess and become the goddess we all know is waiting to emerge?

Women need to know that their sexuality is accepted.

More than just being accepted, women need to know that you want to feel their sexuality, that your feelings and desires for them will not change once their sexuality is released, and above all, that you will continue to respect and adore them if they show up as an insatiable, sexual goddess of a woman.

Let me be clear, however. This does not mean that if you tell a woman that her sexuality is beautiful and supported that she will immediately rip her clothes off in agreement.

Just as a flower should not be pulled open before it blooms, you cannot force a woman’s sexuality to come forth. In addition, time alone does not open a flower, it takes the right environment and nutrients to stimulate a flower to bloom. Women are the same way.

In reality, a woman may blossom incredibly fast with one man, incredibly slow with another, and not at all with the majority of her lovers.

In my case, for example, I was unable to orgasm during intercourse until I was 27 (once I met and dated Ander Adams), more than 10 years after I became sexually active (don’t judge me). This is very common.

According to planned parenthood, 1 in 3 women are unable to orgasm during intercourse. That is an incredibly high percentage of women who are not feeling complete in their sexual pleasure and release.

  • So, why is it so difficult for women to orgasm with a partner?
  • Why are so many women struggling to release fully into their sexuality?
  • What environment and nutrients will it take to help women blossom into their sexual desire?

I will cover all of these questions later, but first there is one key element that I have not yet discussed.

In addition to societal pressures, a woman’s sexuality is also dampened by her own mind. More specifically, a disconnect between her mind and her body. One cause of this mind-body divide is that women actually do not always know when they are turned on. The signs are not as obvious for us.

There is no big flag post (cough, penis) that stands tall at the ready, telling us that we are turned on and set to go.

Women experience a very different reality. Our bodies are turned on slowly, our vagina and cervix begin to gradually create space, our clitoris and labia slowly fill with blood, and our glands begin to secrete fluid for lubrication. It can be a very gradual process.

We are rarely given an extreme green light from our bodies, telling us that it is time to get it on. This has been backed by a recent study done by Meredith Chivers, looking at the sexual responses of women, versus men, to varying sexual images.

Both the men and women in the study were attached to monitors and sensors on the genitals, set to measure their sexual response to the visual stimulus.

Although women were turned on by MORE of the images than men and a wider VARIETY of sexual scenarios (girl on girl, guy on guy, bonobo on bonobo, cherries in drinks, sexually suggesting images; the list goes on and on), their verbal confirmation of the level of turn-on was way off.

Women were almost always inaccurate in their evaluation as to whether they were erotically turned on, or not.

Men, on the other hand were turned on by much less variety, mainly they liked the images of women. However, men had a much higher accuracy for knowing when they were turned on, or not.

Women lacked the ability to accurately assess whether or not their body was responding physically to a sexual stimulus.

Lastly, researchers at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands have shown that one of the biggest things that is holding back a woman’s sexual freedom, is the overly analytical and self conscious part of her mind.

While monitoring a woman’s brain during orgasm, researchers found that the areas of the brain responsible for social judgment, moral reasoning, tension, and inhibition turned off once a woman was ready to orgasm.

They concluded quite strongly that in order for a woman to reach orgasm, fear and anxiety must be avoided at all costs.

Therefore, you may have thought that you have to turn a woman on, but to be more specific, you have to shut her analytical mind off in order to turn her emotional body on.

Her personal judgments, insecurities, and criticisms must be calmed in order to allow her to fully embody her sexuality and release into the power of her sexual pleasure.

So, what does it take for a man to succeed in this? The truth is that it all comes down to your ability to evoke sexuality in a woman. There is no one quick fix.

More realistically, there are many skills that will aide you in this process.

Do you have the ability to arouse erotic curiosity, provide sexual security, sustain comfort during physical touch, inspire freedom in her sexual expression, and most of all, help a woman get away from her own mental judgments and connect to her physical pleasure?

Even if you say yes to all of these, do you have the ability to evoke these things emotionally rather than logically?

The good news is; this can all be learned. The more important question is, how hungry are you to learn it? I promise, if you are not hungry enough to learn this, no woman will be sexually hungry for you.

There are men out there that are already decent at this, men that are terrible at this, and men that are outstanding. In my experience, men trained in the Vimbasi Way, are outstanding at easing a woman’s mind and turning on her body.

I will tell you, from a woman’s experience. When you come across a man who is outstanding at this, you finally feel free to open to him in ways that you could not even have imagined for yourself. It totally transforms your belief in what is available sexually.

Once again, Vimbasi Seductive Integrity holds true; if you learn more about the hidden truths of female psyche, then women will sexually open to you in ways you never thought possible.

Written by yours truly,

- Zoe Rose – Vimbasi Female Psyche Mentor

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