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The Vimbasi Evaluation: The Checkup your love life deserves…

If you had a medical problem, would you trust a book to fix it??? What about some off the cuff advice from a friend??? No, you’d want to go to someone that was experienced at uncovering what was really going on. The same is true, with improving your romantic life. Guess work and cliché tips won’t help you develop the dating life that you want…

I would bet that you found this page because you are looking for answers on how to improve your romantic life.

I’ve been where you’ve been, scanning the internet for anything that I thought might help

Here is what I wish I knew long ago:

We constantly misdiagnose ourselves. Oftentimes we look for answers to the questions that actually aren’t the most important at that current point and time.

You can foolishly do what I did a long time ago…

You can continue looking for free answers and trying to figure it out on your own, and maybe you will reach the success you are looking for. More likely, you will give up and settle like 99.9% of people out there.

Yet even if you do achieve the success you are yearning for, the amount of time, amazing memories, lovers, lessons and experiences that you will miss out on until you find that answer is going to be much bigger than the price of paying a professional to get you to your goal faster.

How would you feel if you walked into a doctor about some weird symptoms you were having, and quickly without checking you out at all, he tosses you pills and says “this should fix it”.

Hopefully you would be upset. “What the hell is this??? How are you supposed to know what I need if you didn’t even check me out at all?”

That scenario, is the exact same as you taking advice from videos online, buying programs that aren’t extremely niche, or taking advice from some book that is supposed to fix 100% of your dating life without actually completing an extensive evaluation with you.

You need someone with the experience to be able to tell you what you need to work on. No, not your 1 friend that seems to have a decent love life, nor your family and friends that either don’t know what they are talking about and likely won’t be honest enough to tell you what you actually need to hear.

Our average programs cost around $4,600 dollars. However, we know that not everyone can pay for these programs.

So we wanted to provide you an offer that gives you the ability to get a very solid start on what actually matters.

So for $497 you will receive a 4 hour evaluation call with a live Vimbasi Mentor. The things you learn on the call alone are worth well over $497 dollars. In fact, the things you learn on the call will likely save you $497 dollars.

Think about how you’re already wasting money by NOT fixing this area of your life:

  • Are you paying money to get into social events or venues in hopes of meeting women?
  • How many drinks and dinners might you pay for this year that will end up taking you nowhere?
  • Have you already forked out money in attempts to improve your appearance? Will you likely pay more than $497 in the next year trying to improve your fashion/appearance in hopes of it improving your dating life (yet in reality you know it doesn’t fix much at all)?
  • Have you already bought the most “impressive” car that you can afford in hopes of it improving your social standing and attractiveness.
  • Are you paying for therapists that don’t actually have the A to B knowledge of how to improve your romantic life (instead they just are trying to get you to accept your current situation)?
  • Is it likely that within the next year you are going to invest time and money in books (that you likely won’t even apply if you even do read it all the way through)?
  • How about online courses you have bought or might you buy (that aren’t tailored to you)?
  • How much time are you going to waste sitting disappointed with your current dating life?
  • How much time are you going to waste on tinder and online dating websites that usually end in awkward dates at best?
  • How much time are you going to waste scanning forums and the internet for advice that was actually written for the masses?

The truth is, the amount of money you’ll likely lose failing to take this area of your life seriously is not nearly as depressing as the experiences that you are going to miss out on if you do not get an honest evaluation.

Let me remind you that “Seductive Integrity” and the development of your seductive ability is not just important for the success of your dating life, it’s what you will use to one day seduce your future wife. Which will likely be the future mother of your children. Do you really want to leave the quality of your dating life to chance?

Start things off right with a Vimbasi Evaluation Session.

What is included:

  • 4 hour evaluation call on phone or via video conferencing (your choice).
  • Recording of the call. Play it back again and again to make sure that you remember everything.
  • Game plan for the next 6 months.
  • $497 dollar credit to any Vimbasi Warrior Program of $1,500 or more (valid for the 30 days after your actual evaluation).

How do I get this going?

All you have to do is fill the form out below, and someone from our office will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your call, take your payment over the phone, and to answer any further questions you may have prior to your evaluation.

As you type your information in below, please be sure to make sure it is accurate. Frequently people type in information that has typos.

We look forward to talking with you soon.

~ The Vimbasi Warrior Team ~


Commonly asked questions:

“I don’t know if I can find a time in my schedule for a 4 hour call. Can I split the call up?”

Yes, we can split the evaluation up. Most of the people that we work with require that so they can fit it into their schedule. Instead of receiving 1 big recording of your call you will receive each call recording individually. Just let us know what your scheduling issues are over the phone and we’ll make it work.

“Will I also get a basic introduction to Vimbasi Seductive Integrity on the call?”

Yes you will. Throughout your evaluation (and at the end of it), we will be giving you a large perspective of what has made Vimbasi Seductive Integrity so much more successful than other programs/books/seminars out there. We will uncover some of the deeper principles that create those “aha!” moments. We’ll also be showing how this flows into other areas of your life. Frequently people are so focused on getting to their next immediate goal that they fail to see how that goal will play out in the long run in relation to other areas. Example: Someone is overly focused on learning how to successfully get date (at whatever cost) that they use processes that actually make a relationship difficult in the long run. Instead we will show you how to make it all flow and correlate with other areas of your life. As a recent customer said “This gave me the helicopter view on what is holding me back and what I’m wanting to achieve! Without it, my awareness and my possibilities would still be confined to a small box.”

“Can I split the payment into a payment plan?”

Yes. We do have a 3 month payment option.

“How long until the price is going to increase beyond $497?”

We aren’t positive when we are going to lift the price of the evaluation but it is likely to happen within the next couple months. This is due to new programs being released (which will be around $2200) and due to our scheduling getting tighter and tighter as people sign up. The Vimbasi Evaluation is a offer that we are doing currently to be able to make Vimbasi more available to people that couldn’t reach it before. In reality we loose money offering these due to it taking time away from simply taking on more VIP Vimbasi Path Members (that involves a much higher pricing). For that reason we suggest taking advantage of this as soon as you can, because once the price jumps it will not be coming back down.

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