31 Powerful Photos From The 2017 Birth Photo Competition That Show The Power of Love & Human Connection

Your Seductive Integrity ability can be used just to get your next dates while maintaining integrity, or you can realize how it links into the bigger moments of life. All the pictures below became possible after people found attraction towards one another…

Love is beautiful, not scary (the loss or lack of love is scary).

Seductive Integrity matters, the two cannot exist without the other.

Women are amazing. These pictures easily show how amazing they are.

The men who love women while also maintaining and expanding their integrity are true heroes.

In celebration of Women’s History Month, and in celebration of the men that love and support them, we wanted to post some of the submissions from the 2017 Birth Photo Competition put on by the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers

Not all of us yearn to have children. Some of us unable to have children. Some of us, still figuring it out. Some of us have already gone down that road. Yet the point of this post is not to suggest that everyone needs to have kids at some point, but rather, simply to show one of the many reasons we have it deep within us to find and expand love.

Comment below with the emotions or thoughts that the photos evoke within you.

Road To Deliverance by Jaydene Freund – Cradled Creations

Rapture Birth Photos

Rapture by Katie Mathis


That First Gaze by Peanuts and Parents

Falling In Love All Over Again by KEDocumentary

Absorb by Bailey Nicole Photography

Hello Before Goodbye

Hello Before Goodbye by Sarah Boccolucci – First-time father with brain cancer leaves ICU to witness son’s birth.

The Softest Landing Pad Birth Photo

The Softest Landing Pad by Cradled Creations

Mothers Pure Bliss Birth Photo

Mother’s Pure Bliss by A&E Caro Photography

Euphoric First Embrace Together Birth Photos

Euphoric First Embrace Together by Kate Murray

Honoring the Temple Birth Photo

Honoring The Temple by Elliana Gilbert Photography

Looking Inside Birth Photo

Looking Inside by Andrea Oleson

The Go To Position for Slow Birth

The Go-To Position For Slow Labor by Leilani Rogers

Peaceful Entry Birth Photo

Peaceful Entry by Stacey Lorraine Birth Photography

Determination Brith Photo

Determination by Katie Mathis Birth Photography

Birth Photo Fatherhood

Baby Weight and Time, It’s All In The Small Details by Lillian Craze Birth Photography

Skin To Skin With First Son Fatherhood Photo

Skin To Skin With His First Son by Raleigh Birth Photography

First Look By New Dad

First Look By New Dad by Debut Photography

Her Calm

Her Calm by The Art of Unscripted

From The Water She Soared

From The Water She Soared by Captured by Brezi


Synergy by Esther Edith

Hold On, Hold Tight

Hold On, Hold Tight by Sandrinos Fotografie

The First Snuggle

The First Snuggle by Chanda Williams

Belly Birth

Belly Birth by Monet Nicole

Through Her Veins, Power

Through Her Veins: Power by Money Nicole

Focus, Strength and Support

Focus, Strength and Support by Rachel Utain Evans

Intense Love

Intense Love by Liz Cook

The Summit

The Summit by Milk and Hanna Photography

Skin to Skin Heat to Heart Soul to Soul

Skin to Skin, Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul by Captured by Brezi

Victory Birth Photo

Victory by Krista Evans Photography

Unapologetically Keeping It Real Birth Photo Fatherhood

Unapologetically Keeping It Real by Krista Evans Photography

In Your Arms Birth Fatherhood

In Your Arms by Picture Your Birth

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