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Ander Adams, Real Life Hitch & Founder of the Vimbasi Warriors

Ander Adams. A man that is often introduced as:

  • “The Real Life Hitch”
  • “The Tailor For Your Love Life”
  • “An Elite Men’s Adviser”

“He’s mentored hundreds of people to custom tailor their love life and relationships beyond what they ever thought was possible. His specialty is getting your love life to feel “tailor made” and fitted specifically to your personality, your live and your preferences.”

Written by Ander Adams himself:

In short, I was the lost cause that made it to the big leagues. I was the underdog that became the leading character.

As a kid, I recall all the other boys dreamt of becoming a hero or a MVP of their favorite sports team. Not me… I spent my time in trees dreaming about my future wife and taking her to Paris France.

Other boys were convinced of girls having cooties. I was convinced it was a cost I was willing to pay. I was a “hopeless romantic” before I was even able to spell my name.

Yet like in any story, a dilemma has to come along…

As I grew up, my ability to get women interested in me seemed to be non existent.

Have you ever felt like your greatest dream was something you feared you would never be able to get? I sure did. I remember looking at men in relationships with women thinking: “He doesn’t even appreciate her… Oh what I would give to be in a relationship with that woman. Just to be able to be in love with her, for one day.”

I knew that “fate” didn’t have my back… I knew that I’d never step into my dream life if I listened to my family and friends who would say, “you’re great, one day someone is going to see you for who you truly are…”

It’s hard to believe you’re going to reach greatness when it seems that you can’t even reach average. It’s hard to grow when no one around you is as low as you are in their abilities and understandings.

People avoided conversations with me about my dating life because it seemed like I was a lost cause.

Fortunately that pain, lead me to change in areas that few people ever do… (cue hero themed music)

Everybody says they want passionate love, yet few are willing to work passionately and honorably for it.

Everybody says they deserve love, yet very few will look honestly in the mirror and say, “If that is true then why doesn’t anyone want to fall in love with me?

I was already obsessed, but determination and angry passion started to take over… I would break my body and my mind if it was required to take down the walls in front of me.

I was willing to pay whatever price was required to reach the summit of my dreams.

There were only 2 things that I was unwilling to loose:

My dream and my integrity. All else was on the table.

The warrior started to develop inside of me.

I took on anything that I thought would help. Any book, any tip, seminars, online courses, flights and opportunities to meet people of influence, etc.

I even had a list of unending questions for women that I carried on my phone. You would have found me saying the following frequently: ”I’m really interested in learning more about women as well as the romantic relationship between men and women… Would you mind if I ask you some questions that I’m trying to find answers to?”

Imagine questions that make you look clueless simply because you are asking. Imagine questions that everyone wants an explanation to, yet no one has the courage to ask.

And all of that still wasn’t enough. The biggest price I had to pay was the price of repetitive defeat. I got use to striking out.

I was the man that others smirked at as I got rejected in public. I lived as that man until I developed into someone that others sought out for advice due to my surprising results and lifestyle.

Men would ask: “What’s the trick???”  There is no one trick… You have to have heart…

Even though people were asking for advice. At the time, Ididn’t feel prepared to give advice.

Sure I was in a position to help them… However. I knew there was more I had to figure out before I could lead others down a similar path.

Have you ever conquered a dream just to then say, “So, what’s next? I thought all of life would be set after getting here.

I had gotten everything I wanted but it didn’t feel like it flowed to my life, it felt like I lived a lifestyle that I needed to hide from my family and close friends. Why?

I came close to loosing who I authentically was in hopes of finding who I wanted to be.

I started to realize that getting someone to fall in love with you was barely the beginning. There was so much more to aspire to.

I wanted not just to inspire women to fall in love with me, I wanted them to fall in love with who they became when they were around me.

I wanted to have women feeling reinvigorated about life and true connection.

I wanted to live a life that was outstanding in every way. I wanted to lead a life that I would be honored to have my future children repeat.

I wanted to live without feeling like I had to force every moment to produce the results that I wanted.

I wanted my life as well as my new abilities, to flow with my entire life.

I wanted to inspire people to connect powerfully and authentically again.

This is when “Seductive Integrity”, “Warrior Wisdom”, “Vimbasi Vitality”, “Rebel Romancers”, and “Relationship Design” started to take shape.

Today, the fun and the journey hasn’t stopped…

I work to lead students to become better than me, rather than versions of me. My team works to transform the way people relate to the topics of love, seduction, integrity, greatness etc. My mission is to inspire the sexes to fall back in love with each other.

Thus far I can tell you this… Helping someone reach their dreams is very fulfilling. Yet it doesn’t compare to the feeling you get when you’ve guided someone in surpassing their previous perceptions of their maximum potential. That is one of the many things I hope to help you with.

Success in relationships and love is definitely attainable for all people. Yet it’s not possible if people continue to believe success is reliant upon luck and good looks.

“Seductive Integrity” is something that people should work on continually, just like people work on their health and fitness. You do it because it’s worth the investment. You do it because it doesn’t just bring you the best memories of your life, it serves the lives of the people you touch.

With that being said… Let me say I wish this conversation was taking place in person. So you and I can talk about your story, and how you plan to make the rest of it an outstanding one.

Reach out to me via email ander@vimbasiwarrior.com and we’ll start that conversation.

From the man that likely has your back more than you do:

Ander AdamsFounder of the Vimbasi Warriors

Lead Seductive Integrity & Relationship Design Mentor


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  1. Ander,

    What a great message. I read this and see my own vision for people. When Peter recommended I check you out and what you’re doing, I had no idea it would resonate so deeply with me and what I see possible for people. You are a true warrior in this world. I look forward to learning more about what you do.

    Be well.


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