Aaron Yang

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Seductive Integrity Assistant Mentor: Aaron Yang

About Aaron Yang:

Aaron grew up in a traditional Asian American household. In which respect and responsibility were prioritized over love and passion. During his senior year of college he had zero experience with women. Always been the shy quiet boy who was friend-zoned all the time. The sad thing was, he enjoyed it. Since then, he has approached over 4,000 women and has gone through an absurd number of rejections.

Written By Aaron himself:

Focusing on my dating life as an introvert with social anxiety has been extremely difficult, but has shown me more of who I am in the past 4 years than spending it in solitude. Now, I enjoy pushing my edge and experiencing life at a much wider scale. Although I still don’t enjoy clubs, parties, and large groups of people, it doesn’t deter my love life like most dating coaches would preach.

Vimbasi warriors expands the breadth of your life to not only your dating life, but to how you’ll live after you’ve found the relationship you’ve always dreamed of. It expands to creating the life you want, sharing that life, and inspiring the ones you love to create their own vision of how they would like life to be.

Outside of Vimbasi I was a high school teacher and co-founded a private school based on democratic education, Makarios Learning Community. What drew me to a career in education was all the time that was wasted in the traditional public system. They were teaching you 2 steps forward and 1 step back each grade level from being a child to an adult. You were forced to learn things that would be lost before summer break even began. Nearly everyone loses in this system.

I’ve been focused on getting people from point A to B in the most efficient way possible. If you know you want to run your own ski resort in Colorado, spending your time learning how many protons are in manganese may not be the best use of your time. This applies to dating as well.

Reading these blogs, watching videos, and listening to podcasts sound all and good, but going through the gauntlet of failure after failure will be the fastest point from A to B. Being confident in where I stand as a man is what Vimbasi is to me. Know what you stand for in each area of your life of fitness, knowledge, purpose, seduction, and wealth.

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